Mr. Lid Containers As Seen on TV

Did you lose the lid for those leftovers? That one is too big, this one is too small. Introducing Mr. Lid, the one and only container with an attached lid. It’s neat, clean, and totally green. The secret is the patented lid design with the seal safe hinge that isn’t available on any other container anywhere. Air and bacteria spoil food, so with other containers you are wasting money. The durable Mr. Lid seal safe hinge locks in freshness so food lasts longer. Containers are a waste of space, but with Mr. Lid it’s like having an extra cabinet.

Look, this container fell. It’s a disaster. But, drop Mr. Lid and it stays perfectly sealed. It’s microwave safe and it’s great for packing the little ones lunch because the lid never gets lost. Air-tight and rust resistant, it’s perfect for fishing. Oh no! That ice melted, but lunch stays perfectly dry. In the garage, store nuts and bolts, keep Fido’s food fresh, store toys for the boys, or arts and crafts.

These containers with separate lids sell for over $99. Now you can get 3 small, 3 medium, and 3 large Mr. Lids with attached lids all for just $19.95. Call right now and get a second set free, just pay separate processing. You’ll get the Salad Set with snap in cup, a $20 value, yours absolutely free. Mr. Lid comes with a 100% risk free money back guarantee. We’ll even pay return shipping. You get it all! That’s 20 Mr. Lids with attached lids and a money back guarantee. An $80 value all for just $19.95. Also ask about the super size value set. So call now!

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Pack It Review

I was SO tired of eating out at work and wasting tons of money everyday at lunch. I knew that I had to change something because I was gaining weight while my pockets were emptying. I started packing brown paper bag lunches like most people in the office, but then I was eating mushy sandwiches, bad fruit, and frozen drinks. The brown bag method wasn’t working for me, so I started looking into real lunch boxes.

That is when I found the Pack It Bag. The Pack It Cooler changed the way I ate. I was able to pack better healthier lunches for myself, and I was able to start saving more money. I don’t even have to freeze water bottles anymore because I know that they will be cold enough with the Packit Bag.

I also found that PackIt is perfect for my kids lunches too. They eat lunch around noon at school, and they never complain about their food anymore. It is always cool and fresh just like they got it out of the fridge. I think the fact that I can cut up fresh fruit and know it will be cool at lunch is what has helped me lose weight and keep my kids healthy.

I think the greatest thing is that there is a pattern and color for everyone in the family. My kids don’t fight over which lunchbox is theirs because they picked them out when we bought them. I also know which one of them forgot their lunchbox at school without them blaming one another. This is a great item for a great price. PackIt really works!

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Pack It In Stores?

I know that I can almost always get better deals online, but I still try to look in the store first for any products I find that I am interested in. Usually it is easier to return them to a store and I just like to see them first. Anyway, I looked around in a bunch of stores for the PackIt, but I couldn’t find it anywhere. After doing more research online, I found out that it wasn’t available in stores when I wanted it, so I just went ahead and bought it online of course.

I had no issues ordering except that I had entered in the wrong number on my address when I placed my order. So, I called customer service to edit it and they were super friendly and had no problem making the change for me. I had a great experience with this company.

I did notice after reading some reviews that people seemed to have complaints about getting charged for two or having extra items that they “didn’t order”. I order online quite frequently and it tells you exactly what to click and how much it will cost you in the “Offer Details”. I think people just need to be more careful about hitting buttons that they don’t know what they are for. If you only want one bag then you simply select one and move forward with the order, don’t keep pressing other buttons to see what they are because that’s where you get yourself into trouble. This mistake is not on the company, it is the customers fault.

Overall, I really enjoyed this product. It kept my lunches cold for work and actually helped me to save a lot of money I stopped eating out every day. I’ve also lost some weight and Pack It is part of the reason. I pack much healthier lunches than I was eating before. So, I’m happier, healthier, and I have a little more money left in my pocket with the Pack It Bag.

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Take PackIt Bag Back To School

It’s almost that time of year again. The kids will be going back to school and those ordinary lunch bags still won’t work. Don’t let your child start another school year with warm drinks and soggy sandwiches. Send them back with the stylish solution to warm lunches, the PackIt Lunch Bag. It lasts up to 10x longer than ordinary lunch bags and your child’s lunches will stay fresher longer.

The PackIt Bag is so easy to use and proven to keep food colder for longer. The amazing Eco-gel is built right into the lining of the bag so you can get rid of those ice packs for good! It couldn’t be any easier to use. Simply store PackIt in the freezer since it fold down small and takes up barely any room, take it out and unfold it, pack it with a tasty lunch, and your ready to go.

PackIt isn’t just great for school either, it’s perfect for sporting events, tailgating, work, traveling, and so much more. You’ll want to take it everywhere with you. It comes in so many unique colors too, to suit every ones style.

Cleaning PackIt takes even less work then it is to pack it up. Just rinse it with soap and some warm water, let it air dry, and it’ll be good as new. Your whole family will love the PackIt, and they’ll be so grateful for all the new foods you can pack because you know that they will remain cold throughout the school day.

Order now and get the PackIt Lunch Bag for just $19.99. For a limited time, they are doubling the offer so you’ll get two PackIt Bags for the price of one, plus the amazing Pack & Lock Containers. You’ll never want to use an ordinary lunch box again with the PackIt Bag!

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PackIt Gets My Approval

The PackIt Lunch Bag Cooler combines the convenience of a lunch box with the long-lasting chill of an ice pack. The Eco-Gel liner freezes when the bag is placed into the freezer and never leaks because it is sealed in the walls of Pack It. It will keep your lunches colder for longer, up to 10x longer that is. The Pack It design is so convenient. It folds flat to fit into the freezer and pops open when you are ready to fill it. No more ice packs, no more warm lunches, and no more hassle. The Packit bag is the solution for a perfect and chilled lunch every time.

Why I love the PackIt Bag so much:

  • Convenient 2-in-1 ice pack / lunch bag design
  • Saves space in the fridge
  • Has a built-in Eco-Gel liner
  • Stays cold for up to 10 hours
  • Secure Velcro closure
  • PVC and lead-free
  • Very Roomy interior for lots of healthy foods

Billions of small bags and baggies are consumed each year. If you use the PackIt, you have the potential to eliminate 1000s of disposable bags over a lifetime. You’ll even be saving money during the process. You won’t be disappointed with the Pack It Lunch Bag!

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Pack It– Deal or Dud?

Fox 5 Alive has featured Pack It in their “Deal or Dud” segment. Check out what they thought of the PackIt in this informative video.


Pack It Takes Out the Competition!

Whenever I pack lunches for my kids, I toss in one of those ice packs into the lunch bags to help the food stay cool. This system works pretty well…if I remember to stick the ice packs back in the freezer after the kids get home from school. Usually, they are forgotten until the next morning and then I have no way of keeping their lunches cold.

Thanks to PackIt, I don’t have to ever remember the ice packs again! Since the bag goes directly in the freezer, it becomes habit to unpack their lunch and store the Packit in the freezer. Then the next day all I have to do is unfold it and pack it and lunch is ready to go. It really does last long too, when they bring their PackIt’s back home, it’s still chilled! The whole bag is filled with freeze gel, sort of like ice packs. However, there is no leaking of course because the gel is inside the walls of the bag.

I’m excited that this lunch bag really does work! My kids lunches stay fresher longer because PackIt keeps them refrigerator cold. I can’t wait to take these to the beach this summer. No matter what I’ve tried, drinks still get warm fast and sandwiches get soggy in the cooler. I have a very good feeling that Packit is going to change our beach experience. We’ll be able to pack more because it’s really going to last longer.

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Pack It

Introducing the amazing Pack It lunch Bag, the first portable lunch box that helps keep food refrigerator cold for up to ten hours, making sure your food stays fresh. Now you can pack what you never could before like ice cold milk, deli meats and cheeses, tuna and chicken salad, or even smoothies. All your food stays ice cold and delicious. Store bought lunch bags say they’re insulated but can’t keep foods cold, and those ice packs melt after just two hours. When foods aren’t kept fresh, they aren’t healthy.

Pack It is completely different than ordinary lunch bags. There is all new eco-safe cooling technology built in on every side keeping it cold and fresh for up to 10 hours, that’s 5 times longer than the competition. You can now pack delicious foods that you want your kids to eat like they’re fresh from the fridge. Simply grab a Pack It from the freezer, unfold it, and then fill it up with the healthy foods you want. Pack It is only $19.95! Order now and get a 2nd Pack It for free.